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okies... well... this week hasnt been as bad as i thought it would… - If i told you this was killing me would you stop?! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 14th, 2005|11:01 pm]
[Im listening to... |none- csi =P]

okies... well... this week hasnt been as bad as i thought it would be...
--> monday... day i was dreading like sooo much! i got up to go to skool as usual and me and saira were walking there... and monday is the day we hav to go to a different school for business stuides... neither of us partictularly like it... and we alawys walk really slow and this day we missed the bus... well we didnt quite get as far as school we gave up half way so we went up the big park... we sat there for a while and then wandered through the graveyard near there... its so peaceful there and theres just something about it that we like... and it brings back memories of last summer =)
and well then we went for a white mocha *drools* soo goood.
then i didnt wanna go to maths... and saira had a free so we went and took her doggy for a walk =) he got soo muddy... but hes so cute!
and then we had the afternoon off and we went ice skating with sairas sister kerri and her friend milli.
it was soo funny cuz millis realy confident and she was hitting on half the guys in the ice rink... with silly chat up lines like "you shouldnt be on here, youre too hot you might melt the ice" lol. and then she convinced a group of guys that we were american... soo funny... me and saira spoke normally and they still believed it... bless =).
then we went shopping... i bought bright pink eyeshadow... =)
--> tuesday... agian i really couldnt bare goin to maths so i went walkies with saira and her dog kip. twas fun. then we had a free... and then double psychology and then double ict... all went well... ict was fun cuz we just sat and drew on eachother =P
so now i am "jess' lulu" and "saira's lesbian grandad"
=D lol... fun fun fun!
--> wednesday... just skool... nothing interesting... at all... altho after skool i met morien with jess and morien, hodgy, kerri, milli, chris, and about 10 other ppl were waiting at my busstop for me =) so cute!
--> today... also just skool... nothing interesting here either... o except in maths my teacher anounced to the class how he liked my bright green and bright pink alternate nail polish... lol =)
and tomorrow... goin to sairas gf's friends house... yeah complicated... but will be fun.
been playing with an epilator all night... its this thing that pulls hair out of your skin.. like waxing only slower... its not that painful... unless u go near like knees and ankles... tis fun tho... not a bad pain either =D
and ermm... yeah... *shrugs*
came this close --><-- to tellin the person i fancy that i fancy them... lol... yeah... i wont tho... *fear of rejection* lol
ne whos... turrah xxx