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If i told you this was killing me would you stop?!

... didnt think so...

29 November
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im just your average joe... except im not called joe and in no way am i average...

my pet!

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Adopt your own useless blob!

just thought this was cool... tho shag isnt a curse word.. meh still cool

British curse words are pants cheeky love
acting like an ass, aimless wandering, alcohol, all kinds of things, anti-avril, anti-eyebrows, apples, atticus, being random, being stupid, black, black boots, black nail polish, blood, bme, bodmods, body modification, body mods, body play, body suspension, braclets, branding, bridges, buttons, candy bracelets, carebears, cheese, chocolate, chocolate milk, christmas, clothes, cloud watching, coloring books, concerts, converse, cool hair, crayons, crazy deep sea fish, cute stuff, daith, day-dreaming, deep piercings, eating crayons, emily strange, emo, eyebrow, eyeliner, fear, fire, flesh staples, floppy hair, friends, glitter, glowsticks, hair, hair dye, half-remembered things, hanging, happiness, happy hardcore, hopeless, hopelessness, hugging, hugs, hyper, industrials, inner conch, inner helix, inner labia, internet, kitties, knives, labret, lip gloss, lip piercings, lip rings, lipstick, lobe, love, lowbret, madison, makeup, mascara, medusa, mod, movies, mp3s, music, nail polish, nape, naval, necklaces, neon, night, nightmare before christmas, nothingness, parties, penguins, piercing, piercings, pink, pink hair, poptarts, punk, punk rock, purple, rainbows, random, random stuff, randomness, razorblades and lollipops, rock, rook, safety pins, scaring children, scary stuff, seeing friends, septum, shoes, shopping, ska, sleep, sleeping, smiles, smiling, smurfs, snoozing, stars, stretching, sugar, summer, sunshine, surface piercing, surface weaving, surgical steel, swimming, taking pictures, tattoo's, tattooing, tattoos, television, the beach, tragus, tripping, vegetarianism, white chocolate